Following the success of Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia & New Zealand in all major cities across Australia and New Zealand, our new initiative is to connect all medical professionals from our community together who may not be part of or active in the BJSM Chapters due to their busy and unpredictable schedules.

Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association of Australia & New Zealand is a social network of medical professionals to promote dialogue, collaboration and sharing information and opportunities.

You are welcome to join all other colleagues with roots in Bihar and Jharkhand and working in Australia and New Zealand.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • To maintain the dignity, integrity, professionalism and uphold the interests of the medical profession.
  • To promote co-operation, collaboration and social integration of its members and their families.
  • To maintain links with the medical colleges in Bihar and Jharkhand through various educational activities.
  • To support upskilling, mentoring and assisting fraternity in Australia, New Zealand, Bihar and Jharkhand through various means.


If you are a proud professional born, brought up, educated and employed in Bihar/Jharkhand or married to someone great from Bihar or Jharkhand, please use the following form to register your interest.

    I have read and subscribe to the objectives of Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association of Australia & New Zealand. I also understand that acceptance of application for membership is determined at association's sole discretion.

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    9. Your specialty/field of profession

    10. Do you wish to become a mentor?

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