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Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia & New Zealand's new initiative to connect medical and healthcare professionals and enablers.

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Enhancing our impact on the wellbeing of members and patients' life

Bihar Jharkhand Medical Association of Australia & New Zealand (BJMA ANZ) is a socio-cultural network of medical service providers and enablers who are providing comprehensive medical, surgical, therapeutic and allied health services. An active community of professionals from diverse areas of specialties providing innovative, technologically advanced care across Australia & New Zealand. More
Our mission is to raise the reputation and status of our community by providing help and promoting a culture of personalied and quality care with compassion, dignity and respect.
We are a community of caring healthcare professionals across Australia and New Zealand, recognised for promoting wellness through professionalism, integrity and holistic approach.
Need professional/career advice, please  contact us. Important to note that members' advice in private capacity doesn't substitute professional advice by authorised / regulatory bodies.
Graduates/trainees seek surgical skills and expert surgeons ethically share their procedural experiences.
Few of us like to even think about having a heart attack or being with someone when they have one. Get professional advice from our cardiologists.
Get first hand knowledge of evaluation modalities and reliably measure the acquisition of competencies.
Advice for freshers on gynaecology that refers to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections and diseases of women's reproductive organs.

Main Specialties

We value our patients

The association provides an  active socio-cultural network of medical and healthcare providers in both metro and remote areas, inpatient and outpatient, and public and private settings in several locations across Australia and New Zealand.   See all Specialities

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Our Founding Members

Our expert members are here for assistance! We care about your career progression and we do our best to make dreams happen.

Townsville, Queensland  
Native: Hazaribag
Dr Reena Sinha

General Practitioner (QLD)

Associate Professor Trivedi is a specialist Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Ultrasonologist in Frankston (Victoria) . He uses his almost-40 years of medical experience across 3 countries to treat the women of Frankston, Mornington and Wonthaggi and educate the young doctors of tomorrow. Associate Professor Trivedi has published many academic papers on topical obstetrics and gynaecological issues and has recently published a book about Gynaecology.
Native: Chhapra/Siwan
Dr Amar Trivedi

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (VIC)

General and dev paediatrician in Sydney
Native: Muzaffarpur
Dr Pooja Kashyap

Paediatrician (NSW)

Haematologist based in Wellington. Have worked in India, Australia and New Zealand.
Native: Rohtas
Dr Praveen Pathak

Haematologist (NZ)

Brisbane, Queensland  
Native: Muzaffarpur
Dr Shashi Ranjan

Cardiologist (QLD)

Full-time Paediatrician in Auckland for 10 years. Held roles with NZMC, University of Auckland and the Health Innovation Institute i3.
Native: Patna
Dr Maneesh Deva

Paediatrician (NZ)

MBBS from KMC, Manglore and completed Masters in Public Health. Overseeing community mental health services and integrating with clinical services as WA Regional Manager.
Native: Bhagalpur
Dr Rajeev Ranjan

Community Mental Health (WA)

Anaesthetist in Canberra Hospital, ACT
Alumni: Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode (Calicut Medical College)
Native: Madhubani
Dr Bibhuti Thakur

Anaesthetist (ACT)

Consultant Anaesthetist in Hervey Bay, Queensland.
Native: Patna
Dr Ravi Tiwari

Anaesthetist (QLD)

Medical Director at Positive Health Group in Sydney, NSW
Native: Madhepura
Dr Alok Narayan

Occupational Health & Injuriy Management (NSW)

Completed basic and advanced physician training in Geriatrics Medicine. Working as Consultant Geriatrician and Continence Physician at Peninsula Health, Franston.
Native: Patna
Dr Rajesh Singh

Geriatrician & Continence Fellow (VIC)

General Hospital, VIC
Native: Ara, Patna
Dr Santosh Singh

Medical Officer (VIC)

Cardiologist in Townsville, Queensland
Native: Dhanbad
Dr Dharmesh Anand

Cardiologist (QLD)

Anatomical Pathologist, Townsville University Hospital.
Native: Ranchi
Dr Alka Sinha

Anatomical Pathologist (QLD)

General Practitioner, Brisbane  
Native: Patna
Dr Pummy Roy

General Practitioner (QLD)

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane (Qld)  
Native: Patna
Dr Dharampal Anand

Physician, Internal Medicine (QLD)

Why Join Us?

  • Professional Network
    Professional Network

    Medical Care Providers

    One of the cleanest and professional places I had the chance to be in. The staff was friendly, The rooms very bright and the pacient care was excellent.
  • Collaboration and cooperation
    Collaboration and cooperation

    Healthcare providers and enablers

    Following BJSM in all major cities, our new initiative is to connect all medical professionals who may not be part of our chapters due to their busy and unpredictable schedules.